How to create a Website with WordPress

How to create a website with wordpress step by step guide for beginners

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Before we start, it's good to know why is a good choice

We recommend using to beginners, because it’s easy to work with.
As a cool bonus you will find thousands of free themes and plugins that will help you create an awesome website without having to learn coding and spend too much time.

Search engines (such as Google and Bing) simply love the structure of! This is a key factor, especially if you intend to drive more visitors to your new website in less time.

It is still a common misunderstandment that WordPress is good for blog websites only. Many years have passed since the launch of this Content management system and today it is perfect for e-commerce websites, small or large businesses, portfolios and so on. The truth is that there are many high end companies with important websites that use and trust 
Just to mention some: is the most widely used CMS worldwide and if you think about it, there should be a valid reason behind that, right? 

So no matter what website you plan to create, you will for sure have a kick start if you choose 

Short answer – yes. is indeed an open source platform and there is no cost for it.
However, in order to make your website visible on the Internet, there are two things you would need:
1. Hosting account
2. Domain name
these services are provided from hosting companies.

And still if you compare the monthly prices of other site builders as Wix, Weebly and even (keep in mind there is a big difference between .org and .com) 
the hosting plan is still the cheaper option and you get so much more flexibility, space and tools.

Above you can see how many website are powered by WordPress in 2019. The numbers are growing each year as WordPress becomes easier and more powerful. Just a quick comparison: in 2014 the websites made with WordPress were 39%.

Now that we know the above, let’s dive in 
and learn how to create a WordPress website in 3 simple steps!

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase a service trough them. This help us keep the website alive and continue providing free content. There is no additional cost for you. Whether you purchase the service trough the affiliate link or not – the price remains the same. Thank you for supporting our efforts this way! 

1. Hosting Account

How important is the Hosting company?

The server you store your content on plays a big role in the website stability and visibility. So, the better the hosting company is, the best your website performance will be. Not well managed servers, can bring to site down issues, slow loading pages, more malware attacks etc. All of this on the other hand will cause more costs and work for you. 

For that reason, our advice is to choose wisely since the beginning.
A reliable hosting company can really save you many troubles,
money and extra work in the long run.

2. Domain name

This will be the actual name of your website, like
Bear in mind that shorter the domain is, the better! The price for a “.com” domain name can vary from around 10USD to 18USD per year depending on where you are purchasing it from. 

***The domain name needs to be renewed every year along with your hosting account. Only when both are active and connected, your website will be visible online.

There are many Hosting providers that also offer a free domain name for the first year. One such example is GreenGeeks.

Once you have your hosting account and domain name registered,
it’s time to install WordPress :) 

How to create a website with wordpress step by step guide for beginners

3. WordPress installation

Now, most part of the hosting companies use cPanel and we will show you how to install WordPress from cPanel. 
This is the place where you will manage your website files, databases, SSL certificates, backups and much more.

p.s. It is way more simple than it sounds! 

Step 1. Login to your cPanel 
Step 2. search for Softaculous (or Installatron) tool 
Step 3. click on WordPress icon (for reference, see the image below)

how to install wordpress

Step 4. click on Install in the description
Step 5. choose http or https protocol

IMPORTANT: If you don’t have an SSL certificate installed yet we suggest you to choose http protocol. Since WordPress is a domain dependant application, if you choose an https protocol and there is no SSL for your domain, this will bring Privacy warnings, 404 or 403 errors on your website. 
how to install wordpress from softaculous

Step 6. fill out your username, password and email

We recommend you using a strong password and try to avoid usernames like admin, your actual name or anything related to the domain name of your website.

Step 7. click install again…

Congratulations! Your WordPress website is ready!

Now you can access the back end of your website from a link like this:
with the credentials you have chosen at the beginning of the installation.
Below you can see how WP login page looks like:

How to install wordpress from softaculous

4. How to install a free WordPress theme

First you need to login to your “Dashboard” from the “/wp-admin” link. Once you are in, you will see a page like this one:
wordpress dashboard

Great, now you can go over “Appearance“, so you can see the drop down menu and let’s click on “Themes“:

WordPress theme installation

Perfect, now on the top of the page you will see some default themes already installed on your website. In order to browse and choose the one you like the most, you can click on “Add New” right at the top of the page:

Add new theme on WordPress

Now you will see the selection of all free themes available. 
Once you find the one you would like to try out, click on “Install” right under the theme name, as shown here: 

Okay, great, we have one last step left – to click on “Activate“:

how to install and activate a theme on WordPress

And that is it, guys, the new WordPress website is now creatded, installed the first free theme of your choice and you are totally ready to start customizing this newbie site! 

How to create a website with wordpress step by step guide for beginners

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  1. I really appreciate the fact that in this tutorial you also explained the importance of hosting in relation to the website. In the past I had a bad experience with another hosting company and almost gave up. I am glad I didn’t today, from some time now I am a greengeeks user. I can already tell what you are saying is true, they really helped me much in my first steps and your tutorial also gave me the information I needed about wp. So thank you, for not promoting services just for the sake of getting something in return. My wordpress website is created and it’s online and I’m more than happy with the good support I get each time I need it.
    A big fen now, keep the good work!

    1. Yeah, I agree with you man, I consider this tutorial by far the most honest one I’ve found and a real complete step by step guide. I needed someone to answer my questions about wp and they did.

  2. I think the admin of this site is actually working hard in support of his web site, because every
    information is quality based material.

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"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort."

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort."

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Copyright © 2019 – Powered By WordPress

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